Thursday, April 4, 2013

Our Minnie Mouse Ice Cream Shop Birthday Party!

This was a labor of love, and not so much a labor, I take ideas and run with them. The girls love Minnie! Yes, I went a bit over board but that's what I do! There is nothing wrong with having an over the top crazy party, just as much as there is nothing wrong with having an intimate party with just close family. Its the celebration. There is a little bit down a the bottom and a moment that completely melted my heart so make sure to scroll down! :) 

Above: Candy Bar! All containers were from the dollar section at Target!
Below: This was a hula hoop with streamers hung from it! And glittery cardboard flower strands!

 Below: I got this sign with a Groupon from Vistaprint, they had a 17 for 70 deal, the banner was practically free after I got my business stuff! And if you can see, my husband and I made a super sweet awning out of PVC pipe and fabric! There is another pic at the bottom :)
Above: My brother is deployed right now, but he was able to hang out at their party, this is him saying 'hi'! :) 
Below: ALL balloons were purchased from The Dollar Store... The same amount of mylars (30) would have been well over 150 if purchased from somewhere else!
 All the candy was 1 dollar for a package of 8 or more mini bars, and we cut them up ourselves
 Below: The bench is from the girls room and we purchased an extra drink thing for 10 dollars at Wal-Mart

 Above: These little decals were everywhere! I got the entire set for like 6 bucks online. There was a TON of stickers in it, I saved them!
Below: I got this entire set of plastic hang ups for like 3 bucks online, we hing most of them outside!

 Below: Our amazing cupcakes!

 Above: YES, we cut the ice cream in the shape of "minnie" heads, I am THAT Mom. Yes, and I am okay with it!

 Below: TWIN HUG!!!

Below: Minnie came to our party!!!

 Below, a family picture and another sweet pic of our awning!!! :)
The girls 3rd birthday was a ton of fun! We had ice cream and cupcakes. Everyone left on a sugar high! Even Minnie Mouse came! Breadon ran and cried!!! :) All in all, did I got over board, heck yes I did. I LOVE planning parties and there is nothing wrong with that. I am who I am and writing this blog has helped me realize that!

The moment that melted my heart and again made me cry like a baby, was at the end of the day. We were getting the girls ready for bed, Brienna ran up to me and threw her arms around my neck and said "Mommy, I loved my birthday party, Thank you." SERIOUSLY, TEARS... I asked Breadon if she liked the party and I got the BIGGEST head nod I have ever seen, so will they remember it, eh, probably not but I will remember that tiny moment and it will stay with me forever!


  1. Audrey, you did awesome!! That is just too cute! And of course you went overboard...'cause 1) you're awesome like that ;)and 2) it was a party for TWO kids!!! So glad they had fun! They just get prettier and prettier!

  2. TWIN HUG-melted my heart!!! <3


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