Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pinteresting~Laundry Soap

SO lately, like everyone else, I have been spending alot of time on pinterest, thinking about things I want to do! So I decided to create a series based on things that I have tried from pinterest and what works and doesn't work for me! To start my series I wanted to show something that has worked!

Laundry Soap!
First off, I didn't create this recipe myself so here is a link to the person who did, just to get that out of the way.
 I made the liquid version. I have seen other bloggers who have used the same recipe to make 3 gallons, and let me tell you, it did NOT work for me. It hardened up into like this jelly that could not be used for liquid soap, so I added the other 2 gallons of water and it works AWESOME. I did notice that while we were gone on vacation it did seperate a little but I normally do a load a day at least, so this hadn't been an issue before, I just stirred it up and I was back in business.

When disolving the soap it does take patience and you really don't want it to boil until it is dissolved. If you are making a smaller batch please follow her directions, you don't want a jelly mess like I had!
You don't actually need a GIANT pot like I have here, I thought at first I would mix it all in the huge pot (when I thought I was only making 3 gallons) and then dump it into containers. Although, I did use it and poured it into my gallon containers only to have it solidify (sorta, it was like thick jelly), I decided to water it down with 2 more gallons of hot water after my husband made me this bucket to put it in.

I would suggest if you are making the 5 gallon container to pour your original mixture in the bucket and then add the water to the bucket, after all the bucket is 5 gallons so it works great!
We use a half a cup per load. Since one of the girls has super sensitive skin I was hesitant on trying it, but she hasn't had any reactions, and if anything its been better! It doesn't smell like anything which I do like! And even if it didn't work or I didn't like it, I was only out 5 dollars (cost of product used not purchased, I used some of the left over for liquid dishwashing soap, but jury is still out on that, stay tuned).

Lastly, it saves money, alot of it! We calculated that for 15 dollars I could make 15 gallons of this stuff and if we always used the 1/2 cup it would do 450 loads. Thats .03 cents a LOAD! AND if you bought 450 loads worth of the cheapest soap it would still be around 50.00 dollars AND you are throwing away all of those plastic containers. I am not a hippy by any means, but I do think how much room that container takes up in my trash can! So in this case I am more than thrilled with my soap and will continue to make it! Please feel free to ask any questions or comment!

How pinteresting! :)

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