Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Revamp... yeah it's about that time

Things have finally slowed down in one way or another, yet gotten busier in other. This post will be short BUT a quick update on us:
Zach: Still working for Pavestone, his schedule is still good and we are enjoying more time together! He is enjoying 'Call of Duty' however I am NOT :) He has been unpacking, hanging and doing all of my pinteresting projects! (check the series page) He is amazing.
Girls: Doing VERY well. Brienna is saying total sentences and her alphabet! Breadon knows them all by sight too! They are running and jumping and eating cereal and milk like big girls. They truly amaze me (sick of hearing that yet?) They are wearing 18 month-2T depending on the brand. I am enjoying short season because most 18 month shorts fit, but come fall we are in trouble, everything 18months is TOO short! The woes of twin, skinny tall kids lol!
Me: Photography is going well so far. I still am a little hard on myself, but I always need something to strive for, I can never be too complacent.  I am working on this new house which I am excited to start a series on projects we are doing here at the house! :)

SO all in all, expect more, I miss blogging alot, it is so much better than Facebook and I want to help people too, I want to inspire people to do more! I hope it spreads!

Thanks everyone!


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