Friday, March 1, 2013

Trunk Junk

As you may NOT know, I am super big on planning ahead, planning for the unexpected and a natural worry wart... So you may NOT be surprised that I have filled my van with about 100 things to accomadate almost any situation, and it has bailed me out more than once! SO here is all what I tote around in my trunk everyday!

This is container 1 of 2... It holds the following, paper towels, water, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, a blanket, extra bags, trash sacks, a canvas tote, facial tissue, screwdrivers, hair ties, sunblock for kids and adults, hair brush, set of children's utensils, and ear phones.

It all fits nicely in this cheap basket we got in the fall, I think they were 4 bucks! Now I could probably get away with just this one and be okay, but WAIT there's more!

Now on to the other container!
Container 2 of 2 holds... bag 1 holds some feminine products, deodorant and wipes, bag two holds cough drops and pocket facial tissue, bag 3 holds ponchos, bag 4 holds diaper sacks and masking tape, then there is an empty canvas bag, umbrellas, bag 5 holds band aids, neosporin and gauze, the diaper wipe container will be listed below :), bag 6 holds a change of clothes for each child, bag 7 holds socks for all of us and chamois, then there are toothbrushes, index cards, granola bars, pens, tape, scissors, more ear buds and aspirin. PHEW that is alot! There are also diapers and wipes but not today! Need to refill!!!

In the wipe container is all kinds of medicines, anti histamine, anti diarrhea, sinus pills, stay awake pills, chap stick, antacids, gas relief, more sanitizer, granola bars.

 Is it a little excessive, maybe, but I cannot stand having to purchase things I already have or needing something and never having it! Getting real for a second, how many times have you forgot to put deoderant on or forgotten a lady item and had to buy a whole thing of it?! ANNOYING! LOL
 And it happens all the time! Almost everything seen here that wasn't already ours I bought at the dollar store or the dollar section at Wal-Mart. There is no major investment, but I have dipped into it more than once and I am guessing as the girls get older we will be using it more and more. Not to mention we live in Iowa, where you can get stranded and have nothing!

Here is what it looks like in our van :)

Yeah, it kinda takes up some room, I had seen someone post where they kept everything in a shoe organizer on the back seat, but we are constantly putting the seats up and down so this worked better for us!

You certainly would not have to go to this extreme, but I hope that this gives you some ideas, and also here are some other things you could add that I have not :)

First Aid kit
Extension cords (if you tailgate!)
non-perishable items
Collapsible rolling tote (on my list) 

If I don't have something I just make a note and pick it up on my next trip to the dollar store. I love that we have stow and go, and even with all of it in there we still have tons of room! You could pick and choose things to carry, these are just ideas! Add your ideas at the bottom! :)

Thanks for tuning in! XOXO


  1. <3 please come over and make me one for each car!!!

  2. I ALWAYS forget to put on deodorant, so I keep some in my car too!

  3. Saw this on pinterest to make sure I wasn't forgetting things in mine -- GREAT list (even 5 years later!) LOL


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