about me

I am married to zach, I love him, end of story, no matter what. I have two very beautiful little girls that I love with my whole heart, they are amazing and I would be lost without them. We have 2 dogs and a cat. We just moved into the first house that FITS us! I am slowly decorating, figuring out my tastes and what I like (which just like me is ALL over the map!)  and if that STILL not enough.....click here

Name? Audrey Kay Oliphant
Age? 28
Current location? Newton, Ia
Place of birth? Portland, Or
Favorite hobby? crafts, scrapbooking and hoping to get into more!
Play any musical instruments? in another lifetime i played piano
Can you sing? i like to think so!
Favorite band/music group/composer? fiona apple, ryan adams, mandy moore, brand new
Favorite type of music? i like alot of different music
Favorite place to hangout? home
Do you like to travel? i love to travel
What is the coolest place you have ever been to on vacation? i really loved florida, but the beach works
Favorite movie? none, i like too many
Favorite song? sunday morning by no doubt
Favorite TV show? whatever i am watching on netflix ha

Views on the world (semi-serious questions)
What do you think of politics? i try not to get into it but i like to know whats going on
What do you think of President Bush? i think people are only as good as the people around them
What do you think of the war in Iraq? you do the best with what you got
If the draft was implemented, and you were summoned, what would you do? go
What do you think is the worst problem the world is currently facing? the world? misunderstanding
Do you like answering these types of questions? doesnt bother me, everyone is allowed an opionon, but I dont expect everyone to like it

What do you look for in the opposite sex? smart, and good looking, cares and loving
Preffered car? dont care
Wuld you engage in a long-term, serious relationship with a total idiot because they were physically attractive? no, i cant stand dumb people
Preferred hair color? any
Preferred eye color? hazel (zach has hazel)
Preferred weight? none
Would you date someone heavier than yourself? yes
Preferred height? doesnt matter
Would you date someone taller than yourself? yes

Are your parents still together? no, my dad passed away
Do you live with them?  no
Any siblings? yes
Are you and your family close? yes
Your family heritage is? french, dutch, indian, german and i am sure many many more

Do you have a best friend? yes
Many close friends? no
Would you consider yourself popular? no, i mean not with everyone probably
Has a friend ever betrayed you? yes, unfortuantely
Have you ever betrayed a friend? probably
Do you like any of your friends as "more than a friend", but too afraid to make your feelings known? hahahahahahahah NO
Do you think any of your friends have a crush on you? amber probably does hahahahaha
What kinds of things do you and your friends do together for fun? drive around, talk, watch movies, play games

This or that
Love or money? love
Water or soda? water
Coffee or tea? tea
School or work? school actually
Crime or law-abiding? law-abiding
Fast or slow? neither
Cold or warm? warm
Beach or mountains? BEACH
Snow ski or water ski? neither
Skateboard or bike? bike
Nerd or cool? both
Mozart or Beethoven? both
Tattooed or clean-cut? both
Abercrombie and Fitch or Hot Topic? neither
Myspace or Facebook? FB

Job? stay at home mommy and photog
Ambition? more than i did
Marital status? married
Manner of dress? whatever fits or feels comfortable
Hair style? hahahaha, i never have had much of a hairstyle, just more a cut
Fear? spiders
Love? zach
Hate? i dont 'hate' anyone
Regret? alot, but anyone who says they dont have any isnt living
Wish? for my girls to have the best life possible
Thoughts? too many