Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yo Gabba Gabba Live! :) The Good and the Bad

I could spend DAYS (it will prob feel like that as you are reading) writing about Yo Gabba Gabba Live (YGGL), what went wrong, what went right and after shedding a few tears on the matter I have the following to say:

Yesterday we took the girls to YGGL, and for the first 45 minutes of total time being there, it was awesome! The girls were really into it, they played the games:

And like I say, I am not AOP when I am with my kids, I am too busy enjoying the moment to care what I am getting on my camera, so no they aren't perfect :) Anyway, so then we went in and got to our seats and for the first 20-25 minutes of the show they were LOVING it! Breadon was jumping up and down, yelling YAY and clapping and Brienna was in complete AWE... It was EXACTLY what I had wanted!

And then a man with a saxophone came out, and for Breadon, that was it... She was having no part of the saxophone man. She lost it and started getting really upset and scared. 
See Breadon has ALWAYS had issues with loud noises, and you would think that the whole show was loud, which it was, but we had given them ear plugs and until he came out with his loud and squeaky instrument we were fine, right when he started playing she was DONE. I have had one flat out tantrum with her, in the grocery store that's it, we just haven't had to deal with them, not at home or out in public but when we get around any sort of loud instrument, or when we would go to the Dr.s office, its over, she gets scared and intimidated and she still gets over-stimulated which is a huge problem in kids born premature. I am about 99% sure its fear, the Dr. office is a no brainer, pretty much every time she has been to a Dr. it has been painful and horrible, and also loud noises, drills, vacuums etc. At Chad's going away ceremony we got the privilege of sitting by the bag pipe players, and Zach had to take her out of there too, its something I am sure that stems from some memory we don't remember or know about, and I am so sure she will grow out of it... 
At first it hurt, YES, I spent, what some would say, is a ridiculous amount of money. Knowing that she may not make it through the whole show, and that she won't remember it anyway, so why bother. 
That last sentence is something I have been struggling with. I have ALWAYS gone overboard in everything, and I will not be made to feel bad about what I do for my own children when it comes to making memories. 
I am not only making some sort of small memory for them, but it will always be a HUGE memory for me... always. That's what I am doing. I don't care, in any situation, IE: birthdays, shows, parties, activities. If it all goes wrong or bad, if it cost alot of money, if it seems ridiculous, it doesn't phase me, I want the memories too even if they won't remember. I can tell them about it when they are older. Some of my BEST memories are ones I don't remember, they are stories that go with old photos, photos where I am a baby and have no clue. Some of them are with my Dad, who isn't here to re-tell them to me, and they are all I have, pictures and stories. 
Back to my story: 
The first part of the day, and those first 20 minutes with her were the BEST possible memories I could have asked for, so no, I don't regret it not one bit. I will carry the happy memory of those first precious 20 minutes forever. Listening to her yelling and clapping and being happy... That's what good memories and life are made of, minutes.... Short bursts of time when everything is amazing... and lets be honest, isn't that how most amazing moments are, short and brilliant? 
Brienna, LOVED it, she wasn't as much into it as I had thought, but she sang some of the songs and waved by to the characters so yes, again, totally worth hearing her WHOAS and WOWS :) We tried to bring Breadon in a few times and it was already too late, some of it was fake crying, she was still trying to watch here and there, but finally we gave up and my amazing husband took her out to take her to the car to nap. 
What I didn't know is that a gentlemen in the YGGL show saw them getting ready to leave and asked if they were leaving and why, Zach explained the situation and the amazing man gave us 'After Party' tickets so that they could go meet the characters after the show where it wasn't so noisy... mind you these 'After Party' tickets were $75 dollars a piece over the largest ticket price... and he got all 5 of us in (my mom came with, and yes she enjoyed the show). When we came out Zach told me about this amazing man and his awesome gift to a scared little girl :) We wouldn't have been able to do this once in a lifetime thing otherwise... So thank you to him!
We went up to the party and while she was still scared and didn't want to go up to them, she waved and named them all, with big smiles and happy... Brienna did go up to them surprisingly and I got some pictures:

 Yes my Mom got her picture with Muno....

Brienna and Foofa had a huge hug but I was too busy watching to get a picture... Breadon was totally happy playing with balloons and admiring from afar :) Then the saxophone man came back in... we left :) LOL SO while we were waiting downstairs, DJ LANCE ROCK came out and talked to the girls, again Breadon didn't want to get close but did give him a high five and Brienna got her picture taken
She was really excited to see him, so was Breadon... Just uneasy. I have been telling myself that they are only (almost) 3, these things happen, and that things will get better with time. Sometimes I think I have failed Breadon in some way, that I didn't do enough of something. You want everything to be perfect, you want everything to run smoothly, and for a little while it did, and if it were a 20 minute show it would have been perfect! :) At any rate, I will continue to do what others may think is over the top, or ridiculous, because that's me and that's what I do... And I will look at yesterday as a success and not a failure, because everyone had a good time, maybe frustrating, but a great memory. Something to tell her about when she is older... Hey, I was deathly afraid of clowns and spend my 3rd or 4th birthday running and hiding and also crying about a clown, so hey, I know where she gets it from, and I am okay now!
We went to Red Lobster afterward and I listened to both of them chat about it and being funny and cute like always. So all in all, I know I have great kids, I know that her tantrum was one out of fear and not out defiance... I have two amazing kids, healthy, funny, smart, amazing kids. I cried about it a few times last night... I am huge baby when it comes to my babies.Not that I was let down or that she let me down, but that I put so much pressure on myself and her to make EVERYTHING be awesome, when the little moments are what really matter. Like I said, I will look back on yesterday as a learning experience and an amazing day, one for the memory books. I wouldn't trade a MINUTE with them, good or bad, for anything in this world. Thanks for tuning in... 


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  1. Love the pics! So awesome they got to go to the party :) What great memories you've created for them!


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