Thursday, February 28, 2013

The O Wall!

So you may of heard of my O wall recently here on my BFF's H wall post! You can also read the back story (and follow her blog too!). It is nice to be able to share an idea with someone! Although I have a little bit of a twist on my O wall :)

We were at the hubbs' parents house last summer and I have been telling them my idea of framing the entire upstairs landing in photos, like EVERYWHERE, floor to ceiling, white frames and black and white photos... well... that kinda went out the window when I found a new and more amazing idea that hopefully we will be posting on here in the next weeks! SOOO they ended up giving me a TON of frames that were left behind the hubbs' grandma after she passed away. Much like my own grandma, Zach's grandma painted. So they had ton of empty canvas frames left. We brought them home and all of the sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks to use them on the O wall! Frame the O's!

We used little tack nails for the frames and stick tack for the corners to keep the frames from palling all the time. Most of the O's are hung up with stick tack too, they have never fallen down, even with the girls messing with them while going up or down the stairs!

Here are some pictures and where they all came from!:

1: Junk Jubilee (the day we thought of the O wall!)
2: West End Salvage (the husband brought me this one)
3: A closing craft mall in Branson. MO
4: My BFF got this one in Texas
5: My BFF also got this one in Texas (it weighs a TON for being so small!)
6: Hobby Lobby
7: Good Will
8: Hobby Lobby
9: Hobby Lobby
10: Wal-Mart
11: Craft Mall in Branson, MO
12: Craft Mall in Branson, MO
13: Wal-Mart
14: Junk Jubilee
15: Craft Show
16: Very Jane

Not every O has sentimental value, but they will forever have a home on this wall as long as we line here, and the friendly reminder of Zach's Grandma is nice too! Here are some more pictures!

And YES this light switch, which you may have noticed is original to the house, and I have to say I don't hate it, it goes with the house and my style I think, so its probably staying!

SUPER easy project, and it's personal. It can be easily removed and it transitions up the stairs nicely, we may add one more to the bottom, just haven't found the right frame yet!

Thanks for tuning in!

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