Monday, April 22, 2013


My kids could not have surprised me more, especially Breadon. She went right up there, not tears, no fear happy and smiley. Made my heart happy, and is making me tear up as I am writing it. They are my whole life, I thank God for letting them be a part of my life.

Uncle Chad got to skype from Honduras and see them dance which was amazing, technology is amazing. Zach's parents came and so did a ton of our family and friends. The flowers on our table are HUGE! :) We are loved, my kids are loved. 

To have people, doctors and others tell you all the things your kids won't do, can't do or may not do... and then see them up there surpassing all of that! GAH, we are truly blessed. More than anyone can know.

Dress Rehearsal Pics:

They are pretty cool kids, Briennas head piece fell off and she just kept going!!!! Now I think I took like 4 of the rest of photos, but they still came out amazing so thanks to my Mom, Zach and Emily! :)

Getting ready and Daddy's dance pics :) These were mostly taken by my Mom (Brienna getting ready) and Husband (Dance pics. I only had the chance to take a few)

 They aren't looking but eh, I don't care! We were a little rushed but adorbs lol :)

Then to the dance! Emily took these so I could enjoy the moment, I only cried a little at the end and then later when we got home. It was a big day for us all. I can't wait until we do it again, it was totally worth it!

Breadon looked for her Dad while dancing, it was cute. Brienna was all over the place but still doing her dance. The second time thru Breadon ran off stage to comfort one of the other little girls who was not going to come out, but came back out and finished it anyway. We went home after that because Breadon was tired and she was showing us by crying all the way to the car, she has never done well with a lot of commotion and I was surprised she hadn't wigged earlier! We were all ready to go home.
It was a fun day and they were amazing! :)


  1. They literally could not be ANY cuter! They are absolutely precious and adorable and PERFECT!

  2. the recital was overwhelming! I'm so glad that I got to be a part of it!

    1. I am sooooo glad you all were there! I can't wait to go to Amelia's first recital!


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