Monday, April 29, 2013

To home school or not home school... that is my question...

Literally this blog has been sitting in my "too scared to post" file. It's not so much that I am scared but I am still thinking... alot. I know they are 2 years away from school! But I am not going to be scared to post things anymore!

Before you read this, I will warn that this is me and what I think, it isn't meant to be controversial or hurtful to anyone, these are my thoughts and opinions from my crazy brain. I am also definitely NOT saying that if you or your children go to public school that you are any less or any more than someone who doesn't. I am not saying it is wrong or bad or anything else, I am just helping myself make a huge decision and asking for some input.

As you may already know, I am a little bit of a control freak... I am an over worrier, an over planner and an over thinker... All kidding aside, I really am. The girls have just turned three and I am thinking towards their future in a new way.

 I have said since the beginning that the real world (okay real school) is too crazy and that I would like to home school them Pre-K thru 12, no questions asked. Have people made fun of me... yes, have people disagreed with me... yes, have people flat out told me my kids would be socially inept and that they would be weird home school kids... YES. Does this make me angry, you may ask... Not at all actually. I am totally all out for people doing things against the grain, being different and taking full advantage of their rights as an American citizen, or as a free human being on this planet... all I ask is that when or if you are ridiculed for such differences that you understand that not everyone is on the same page in this book of life, and its okay. Just as it's okay to be different it's okay for others to not agree with you. I think if people adopted a little of this attitude the world would be a better place, at any rate, NO I am not mad at anyone for thinking I am crazy. They can't think it any more than I can, so to each his own!

Anyway, back to my topic. Home schooling. I want my kids to have faith in their lives and we haven't been the best about getting them there. We are working on it, trust me. At any rate, I wanted them to have a faith based school experience, as well as a social one. You may think Christian school?! Can't afford it. Just can't. Can't. I would have to work full time to afford it, and quit my business and alot of other things, but if push came to shove I would so do, but I am getting to that.

I have talked with a family member about her kids that are home schooled. She has 3 amazingly well rounded children who have tons of friends, activities and are always busy!  They wear regular clothes and do regular stuff, they are sweet, nice and smart. Totally normal in every way. Whats wrong with that? They go to church, dance and cheer and all kinds of things. They are not socially inept!

I am attracted to home schooling for the faith factor, the fact that my children would be learning from me, and in our home, the freedom it will give us and so many more things. I want to be there for them however I can, whether they go to school at home or go to school down the street.

Maybe it was because of the way they were born, or maybe I feel like me being here every day is helping them in some weird way? I don't know. You almost can't have this opinion without someone getting their feelings hurt. Moms that have to work for financial reasons, or hey they just like to work, feel offended or hurt that they are not able to even have an option to home school or stay home or that I am looking down on Moms who do stay home and choose not to home school. This is simply not the case. I read alot of blogs and about 75% of the time I feel like I am failing in a NEW way, one I didn't even know about... I should have done this and that... We all struggle and social media is NOT helping. I want this to open myself up for others opinions not to ridicule or hurt anyone! :) Phew, went on a little tangent there, SORRY!

Going back to the Christian school thing, they do offer a dual program where the girls could attend a class or two which is more affordable but still gets them out of the house. They can take Spanish, music and more. That is a huge plus for me! They are also allowed to participate in school sports at the Christian school and at the high school.

I haven't decided 100%, but I am definitely leaning toward the home schooling. We (the husband and I) have decided to try the Pre-K for 3 years and the regular Pre-K and we will start this fall. We will see what we think and if we like it we will continue. I also know that Iowa has rules and reulations so if we do decide to home school, I know that we will have things to do to register them.

 Also, Breadon is going to help us make our decision too, of course she doesn't know that! She is still speech delayed and we are working on it. She is still a little socially behind so we want to make an educated decision and we want the best for our kids. In the end that is all that matters to me. If they turn 5 and Breadon is still struggling socially we will make the choice that is best for them at that time. 

Before I leave I would like to include, I am able to have my job and stay home most of the time, so this is an option for me. I understand that this is a lifestyle choice and not for everyone, I understand people have to work, moms AND dads, and in no way am I looking down on others. I also understand that not everyone can or wants to home school and that's okay too. I am just putting myself out there and looking for some help! :) Thank you for tuning in!


  1. Love this :) I think deep down, many parents are in the same boat as you right now. I personally love homeschooling, but know I couldn't do it with my kids LOL!!! I don't think the social deprivation is a big factor any more, there are so many opportunities to get them involved than there used to be.
    We do the Christian school and there are some ways to help cut the cost. It isn't a ton of help, but better than nothing for sure. One benefit of the Christian school would be the small class sizes. Kambell's class is only 5 kids. It really gives the teacher the ability to focus on each child, their strengths and weaknesses and help them excel to the best of their ability.
    We are already trying to decide what to do for high school, and that's 4 years away, so I don't think you are trying to think too far ahead :)
    ~ Sara koon

  2. I actually have a post sitting in my list with the same title! I say if you want to homeschool your daughters, DO IT! We are going through the same questions right now with Sophia and preschool. Since I am not happy with any options in town, I bought some things, and found some great websites to make my own curriculum for her. My husband now wants me to homeschool her for, at least for a few years. You know what is best for your family, don't worry what others may think :)
    DO IT!


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