Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Homeschooling my Preschoolers

 Here are some family pics Me and Em took :) Enjoy those first! :D 


YES, I have chosen to home school the girls for their preschool years! This year we are doing preschool for threes and next year for 4's.

We chose Horizons from a family members personal expierence. She enjoyed the program for the younger ages! The preschool for 3's is new this year and we JUST got our stuff in the mail the other day.

I went through the entire book and MAYBE had to buy 15 dollars worth of supplies at the dollar store for the activities. I know there are other activities that I am sure I will have to get supplies for, but they give you so many options you could pick and choose which activities you want to do based on what you have and if you don't have something you can always come back to it later in the week!

The schedule is super flexible, you can do anywhere from 2-5 days a week. We are going to try 5 days, which is the lesson and one or two activities each day. They start with a bible story and verse and once we go over that, they have a workbook based activity to go with it and then a list of 5 or 6 other activities that touch on all the other subjects like science, math, language, PE, etc... You can do one activity a day or 4 depending on how much time you want to spend on it. So I plan on spending 1- 1.5 hours a day on lessons and activities, but if I wanted we could do all day or half day, and I really like that! Also it will get us into a routine of this is when school is, and this is what we do, and where we go. Even if a parent works you could still do a program like this if you wanted to do it 2 or 3 days a week when you are off. Or even in the evenings! Not that I am pushing it, just saying it is an option.

We haven't started church yet but I am hoping too once we get back from vacation and we start "school"! I really wanted to introduce the girls to God and Jesus and I really think this program will help me do it. Much of the curriculum is faith based and/or based around Bible stories.

I am not really worried about the social aspect of it, I plan on putting them in dance again, we will start church and once they get old enough (if we decide to pursue homeschooling), and do the integration program at the Christian school.

I still havent totally decided on homeschool forever yet, I am still working on that. I don't want to hinder my kids in any way but at the same time I dont feel like you HAVE to go to school, get made fun of, be a football star, nerd or whatever to become a good person. At any rate, this is what is working for me, or rather what MAY work for me and not for others. Thanks everyone! I am so ready for vacation! :)

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