Tuesday, March 5, 2013

From a mess to YES! My fridge....

I am about to show you the good, the bad and the UGLY of my fridge. Don't judge me! haha! Everyone has those things that they always seem to put off, my fridge is one of mine... I know its gross, but as long as its covered up, out of site out of mind. But the other day I was trolling pinterest, as I so often do, and I saw a couple pins and wanted to combine them into a new and improved refrigerator for myself! Where did I go to start this endeavor? My local Dollar Tree!!! Seriously the best place ever for cheap containers and place mats! But I am a little ahead of myself, let me share with you the before pictures... be warned, these may get graphic...

I have ALOT of stuff in my fridge, some of it expired, some of it doubles... SO we emptied it! And everyone helped!

Then I saw the nasty, and YES I am sharing it with you!


My FAVE cleaner is Fantastik, and I am really going to plug them because the cleaners are amazing! Some things just don't get clean enough with the home made cleansers, so I use fantastik! I use the oxy power but they are all great! (Make sure you clean the underside of the glass too! It is just as dirty!)

On to the next topic! CLEANING! I just used hot soapy water and Fantastik and everything came right off! (We did the drawers last!)

Then I used my dollar store place mats! Okay, so I have seen some things about cling wrap and here is my beef with the cling wrap, its sticky and almost impossible to place correctly... and I am not a patient person by any means so it was just not for me. I chose the place mats because they are re-usable and easily removed and cleaned. They won't rip or tear and if I want its a dollar to replace one if I need to!
I didn't cut mine I just laid them in there over lapping, they don't slide around too much and I just set them inside the slight raise of the shelves.

Then we used my dollar store bins to load everything back in!

I put the little stackable stuff in the totes to free up some space, and piled everything else that was still good, back in to the door!

And then we did the drawers!

And ended up with this:
Is it still a little cluttered YES, but it works and is so much cleaner and nicer! I did the whole thing for 12 dollars with the bins and mats. I like the bins (blue is all they had that I thought was fridge friendly!) because if anything leaks its caught by the bin. Fruit is in a bin and so are the little things. I also got a ton of bins for our girls play room. It took maybe 30 minutes and the whole family got involved!

PS, Yes there is a clamato in my fridge... my husband is saving it for my brother who is deployed to Honduras... YUCK :)

Thanks for tuning in! I hope this has inspired you!


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