Monday, August 27, 2012

Is it fall yet?

I broke out the coffee maker yesterday. Something about coffee in the summer feels wrong to me, unless it's iced of course! Every year I get so excited for fall! Everyone is back in school which slows business down a bit, but I still manage to keep busy.
The girls are changing everyday. Judge me if you will, but for the longest time I was ready for them to be bigger, I was so excited to watch them to grow and learn new things, and to be healthy. I know not many people can understand the thought process, they think, how can she WANT her babies to grow up, how can she be 'over' the baby stage. I was, no lies here. I loved holding my babies and having them be babies but it reaches a point where them being small is only increasing their chances of being sick again, or losing them, waiting for the ball to drop. All of that being said, I want them to stay THIS age forever! If Breadon talked a little more, I would be all about it. This age is so much fun!  I am getting together some more sensory activities, they are Breadons favorite. They love coloring and reading books, they have favorite tv shows, more than just Yo Gabba Gabba. They are kind and nice, and loving. They are loving the new house, they have so much room to run around and play!
Vacation was a blast. We went swimming, went to eat, saw some shows and had a really great time relaxing. I will do a picture post later. Too many to add to this post! Branson is an awesome family vacation spot. We really enjoy it.
Tomorrow is our Nicu follow up. I know they will do amazing, they always do. We also have a hearing appointment Wednesday, probably have to have tubes again. I am not against them, they did their job the first time!
Thats it for nowbut stay tuned, more to come!


  1. Glad you had a great vacation! And I know what you mean about wanting to keep them this age forever...minus a few meltdowns here & there I'd love to keep Silas this age!! They just make life worth living :) I'm so glad you guys are doing so well!

  2. I just have to say that I totally know what you mean about wanting them to get bigger! We are FINALLY getting past that some with the twins but I still find myself thinking about how great it will be when they both can walk!


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