Tuesday, February 1, 2011

fresh start

so falling in with the many people posting blogs these days i thought i should jump in. we have a 'busy' family and just like with our caring bridge i thought this might be a good transition!
to begin, all of you know our family, at least i hope, if you are reading this :) Zach, Audrey (me), Breadon and Brienna. we live in Iowa. we are living indoors right now as it is RSV season right now, and those of you who don't know we stay in as RSV is very dangerous for our little ladies.
just this week we had a little set back as our 'oldest' ha, was admitted to the hospital on sunday for being dehydrated, but she is home now and doing well! we just got some not so fun news that RSV season will probably be late again this year... not fun for us. it is supposed to end in march but they are saying probably april or may. 1-2 more months indoors, well worth the health of the girls for sure!
Zach is always very busy with work! he is getting into his busy season.
the girls have an appt for their 1st birthday day photos on Mar 15th with Amy Doerring. we are excited for that! today they also turned 10 months! i am hoping to make entries regularly! thank you for reading and we are hoping to keep everyone updated as we get even busier!!! :)

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