Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Brienna would NOT stop trying to take my glasses all day today! so i finally broke down and put them on her face! she acted like she was born to wear glasses (and she probably will, neither zach or i have great vision). i think Breadon is fully recovered from her short hospital stay. she is back to her babbling self. here is a picture of her in with me in the ER sunday... poor baby!
she had to get an IV since she was dehydrated. i had been sick the day before and i guess i gave it to her. by the time we were home zach was sick too. he recovered late that evening so we are all back to normal now! as of yesterday they weigh around 15 pounds each and breadon is 26 inches and brienna is 27 inches! tall and skinny! but healthy, eating everything in site. i was eating cheese yesterday and brienna was on my lap, before i knew it she was chewing on the end of my cheese!
Zach and i ventured out today to get some shopping done. the streets were not terrible but not great. we also stopped by goodwill which is one of my favorite places. i always find the greatest stuff! the girls have finally feel asleep! good nite! xoxo

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  1. Brienna sure looks cute in your glasses =)


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