Friday, March 18, 2011

bees on the go!

Another busy week for the bees! On Tuesday we went to see Amy Doerring to get the girls pictures taken. They didn't have as much fun as we thought they would (haha, i knew they would have the deer in the headlights). even though we didn't get any smiles, we did get some amazingly cute photos and I cant wait to share them with everyone! And then on Wednesday we went and saw our friend Tina (so mommy and gma could get their beauty on). It was their first visit to someone elses house, they were very comfortable:

They were very comfortable! They passed out twice! So sweet, sleep over!
Then yesterday we finally got brienna crawling on video! she is def mobile. all over the place all the time.

We have had a fun week. Got to do some new things and have some new experiences! Tomorrow is an anniversary for our family, and i am hoping to post the start to MY baby (or babies) story. As March 19th was the day I was taken to the hospital. Thanks for checking in on us! xoxo

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