Monday, March 14, 2011

busy busy mommies and daddies!

well this weekend was a good retreat for zach and i. we went to see a friend that is leaving for Afghanistan again, serving our country. so it was my first nite away from the girls... it was hard but we had a great time. i got lots of updates and pictures sent to me. but before i left i got my camera out and took some photos of the girls. here they are:
Ignore the mess, it was laundry day at our house (seems like everyday NEEDS to be laundry day haha). we were hamming it up and showing our sitting up skills :)


And my two FAVORITE pictures of the day:

i am thinking of a number between one and one hundred haha

Not really though... haha, she was trying to eat the camera! Tomorrow are their ONE YEAR pictures!!! I am very excited/ nervous. They dont do well outside the home. haha. they dont get out much. today we took them outside for a bit, they didnt enjoy the sunshine in their eyes but the shade was too cold so we came back in. I cannot wait until summer! we will have to invest in some shades!
Well more updates to come as our life becomes busier! xoxo

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