Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vacation City!

Lately our life has been full of ALOT of hard work and more... we have been taking all the vacations we can! Not really... but I like to think so. We went to Kansas City for the 4th of July last month and we had a great time. This month we went to Branson with Zach's family and we all had a GREAT time!
They say that Branson is Vegas for old people... I don't really see how, as there are NO casinos... but there are alot of shows. We saw a few while we were there and they were all great! There are alot of photos on Facebook but here are a few of the highlights!

This was on the balcony of the condo. We wouldn't let the girls out there alone, but they liked to look at the water roll by on the creek!
These next few photos were at the wax museum! Some of the figures are right on and others look nothing like the person!

These photos were taken at Silver Dollar City. While we were there Zach tricked me into getting on a roller coaster. He told me it didn't go very fast and that it wasn't really a roller coaster. Of course it was indoors and in COMPLETE darkness, so I had NO idea and before I knew it we were in a free fall and to top it all off we got wet too! UH! MEN! But all in all it was a really cool place!

These pictures are from the Showboat Branson Belle, It is a real steamboat that takes you out on the river while you eat dinner and watch a show. It was an awesome show!

The last pics are from this amazing mini golf place. I beat Zach by 2 strokes AND I got FOUR hole-in-ones! I was shocked myself!

All in all we had a really great time and we are looking forward to going next year. It really is a great family destination, it has something for everyone!
Next weekend we are going camping in Ames with our friends. And that will be without the girls. They wouldn't have as much fun "roughing it" as we do. We will be there for 4 days and are hoping the weather holds up so we can go on a float trip! That is our favorite part of camping. I was wanting to go to the fair this year, but I am not dead set on it this year.
Not much else is going on. Just getting things wrapped up before the weather gets colder. We are also re-doing our bedroom, I will have to get pics up of that as it happens, but it is going to be a fall/winter project. Thanks for tuning in! XOXO

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  1. Looks like you guys had a super great time! I can't wait for a vacation! :)


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