Sunday, February 20, 2011


yesterday was my dads birthday as you may know. we had a great time celebrating with our family. my brother chad came home for a surprise visit (which I knew about, and no one else) and that was awesome! that day we had to dress the girls up special of course!

they are hams!!!
then we decided it had been 2 weeks since they had seen the outside world and it was nice out so we put on their coats and hats so they could wait for their uncle chad to come home, they were adorable!!!

here they are with gamma and daddy all bundled up! hahaha. so precious!

SO tonight was a very special treat for zach and i. we got to spend the evening with two of our favorite people!!! Gamma and gampa watched the girls for us so we could go out!
 see, it was my bfffs bday on the 17th so we had 'planned' and evening out together with no boys... BUT i had a different plan! about a month ago i had secretly planned a special surprise. amber (my friend) and i had went to a hockey game last month with our husbands so i told her for her birthday we could go, just the 2 of us. so we made all these plans to go. secretly i had been planning with her husband to get a sitter for their kids so him and zach could meet us there and surprise her! WORKED LIKE A CHARM! she was definitely surprised! we had a blast! here we are at the game:

                                                                          CHEESE IT!
then after the game we went to prairie meadows casino for dinner at AJ's Steakhouse. the people there were so kind they held a bouquet of flowers and a bouquet of balloons there until we got there at 10pm so then she was surprised AGAIN!

We had a great meal! and a great time!
Happy Birthday Amber! We love you!

What a way to kick off this awesome weather! I hope it continues! Deal of the week tomorrow! :) xoxo

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