Friday, February 18, 2011

busy... busy... bee!

we say busy... busy... bee! alot in our house. its breadon favorite phrase, and it almost always gets a smile or giggle :)

this week has been somewhat exciting. the weather is AMAZING here! totally not normal for february. the coming weeks are getting more and more exciting! yesterday i finally got all the girls 1 year appointments made for april. we have to see:

cardiologist (for briennas pda, we have to make sure it is closed, if not, surgery. we also have to check a small piece of fibrous tissue in her descending aorta... make sure it isn't collecting anything which could block off blood flow)

eye doctor (only to check for lazy eye which i guess is common in premature babies)

dentist (to check their mouths... from being intebated for so long the roofs of their mouths are high, so we need that seen)

pediatrician in DSM (to get their vaccinations and have our one year check up, even though right now we are going once a month)

ear doctor (to check tubes and hearing)

and they will also continue with PT and OT... but the PT is only seeing breadon every other week now so that is awesome. she in improving! :)
Zach is back home, he has been out of town all week. the ENTIRE time he was gone brienna didn't say dada once but all the sudden the day he came home, all day we were hearing... DADADADADA! its like she knew! brienna is also VERY mobile! scooting around the floor... she is crawling now... but BACKWARDS!!! you leave the room for 5 seconds and she is halfway across the room, chewing on something! haha
also, it was my bfffs bday yesterday, and even though we didn't get to see her ON her birthday, i am taking her out tomorrow night for a fun filled evening!
yesterday i went shopping and saved ALOT of money! woohoo for that! mom and i went all around buying things for the house and a ton of food!
Also someone SPECIAL surprised us last nite with a visit, but i cannot share who that is until EVERYONE gets to see them! lol
Today is my dads birthday! he is the big 74!!! we are having a little get together at the house tonight with family and having papa murphys pizza, cake and ice cream. Happy birthday dad!!!
Anyway, just a quick update on our week so far!

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