Sunday, February 6, 2011


so we have been wanting to get another jumperoo for a while and today was they day! the girls were always 'arguing' over who got the jumperoo. no more! this is what it looks like:

it is a lifesaver sometimes! brienna was EXCITED. she always does this little tense up thing when she is excited. her eyes get all big and she grunts while tensing up her body... it is so adorable!
on an optimistic note, i am READY for spring. sad news is, the doctor told us RSV season will most likely run LONG this weekend... not the greatest information to receive after 10 months of being indoors... i know their safety is more important, and most people would not go to the lengths we have to keep them healthy. not that people dont care, just that i am obsessive about everyone who comes over, have they been sick, do they feel sick are their kids sick. haha. so far *knock on wood* the only sickness we had was breadons short stay in the hospital. and that was from the tummy bug i gave her on accident! RSV is so much scarier for these little ones. because their lungs are so weak, and respiratory sickness can cause blue periods, which is from coughing, it will make them turn blue from not being able to breath.
speaking of turning blue. taking breadon to the hospital brought alot of tough memories back for me. she had it much harder than brienna during our stay in the nicu. when we went to skiff last week i was telling the nurse how amazing it is they can get an IV in a 1 pound 4 ounce baby but a 16 pound one was so difficult! haha. anyway, i also said how different is was when they were little, you could never hear them cry when they got IVs and how it was diff now. she then told me if i was uncomfortable i could step out. at first i thought what parent would EVER leave their child in that state, and my second thought was, this lady has NO IDEA what i have seen breadon go thru...
the worst was when she was in the nicu and the nurse and i were taking care of her and she was suctioning out her mouth and all the sudden her color turned and her sats started to drop and she stopped moving... i had to step back and get out of the way. they thought she was having a spell (a short time of forgetting to breath, common in preemies) but breadon didnt have spells... she turned that dusky blue color, a scary color... and then she suctioned her out a few more times and pulled this HUGE snot ball thing out of her tiny little airway (i was thinking 'how could something SO huge, come out of someone so small???). and she started to cry and her color started to come back and she was fine and i BAWLED. we all thought that was it... that she wasnt coming back... but she did and she is here and fine... so NO i will NEVER step out... an IV is cake, compared! the only time i could never stay in the room was for vent changes... whenever they switched vent systems i had to leave, and it was because of the first and second change i stayed in on... i would just rather not see if there was an issue. they can fix it without me there, otherwise i cant handle it. it was too scary. esp when breadon got pneumonia. it was 11 or 12 at nite and i had to drive home to newton and sleep for a bit, while they changed vents... i think i slept 3 hours and went back... she ended up being fine 6 days later! tough cookie! well its late and its bedtime! thanks for tuning in! xoxo

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