Thursday, February 10, 2011


lately i have been preparing for the girls first birthday! it seems i am always finding something different to look for or do. i still haven't planned the most important part, THE CAKE. but i think we are going to do cupcakes. i wanted to special order some cupcakes from an online bakery, but i haven't decided on that yet. i really enjoyed our wedding cupcakes AND my shower cakes, so i might just go to my usual cake lady, as she does a wonderful job and she is local. i better make up my mind! anyway, the theme is sweet as can bee! yes bee. everyone i know refers to the girls as the bees. this is the theme kit i bought:

SO cute!!! i had to buy some pink plates and other pink stuff to beef it up! they have a long guest list! haha.
 yesterday i got them their party dresses, they are the same print but different cuts and slightly different coloring, but they both say birthday girl on the balloons! they are SO adorable, i just hope they fit. it is IMPOSSIBLE to find first birthday clothes less then a 12 month size! these are the dresses:

hopefully i can pack some pounds on the girls so they will fit! haha. i know it may seem silly but these girls have come so far! they deserve a huge celebration for their first birthday! its a huge deal that they are here and doing so well. i also have saved alot of things from when they were born and we are going to have a whole table of things that will show just how small they were. their pacifiers, picture, i even have a doll that closely represents their size! it is going to be eye opening for some people who didn't see them when they were small! just to see how far they have come. i am so excited! tomorrow we are going shopping for some clothes for the girls, they seem to have 6mo and 12 mo, but not a whole lot from 6 to 12. not alot of 9 month stuff! we have more 12 and 18 month stuff then anything else! haha. but when things are on sale i jump on them! thanks for reading. xoxo


  1. Those dresses are too stinkin cute!!! Love Them.

  2. The girls will be so cute in those dresses. You guys deserve to celebrate their first BDay!! It has been quite the year.


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