Saturday, February 12, 2011

what a start to a weekend :)

this is what i woke up to on friday:

SO sweet!!!! i love my husband!

we decided to celebrate valentines day early. we went shopping (for the girls)! we also went out to eat and had a great time. just when i think the girls arent going to have enough clothes i clear ANOTHER huge bag of clothes out of the closet that they cant wear. we are on our EIGHTH bag of unuseable clothes! a friend just reffered me to a clothing exchange website so i am going to try that out. also someday maybe sell them at a garage sale or consignment store. i always enjoy my time out, but i cannot wait until the girls can come with us. i miss them when we leave. but it was nice to have some couple time! we also got them some more stuff for their first birthday party. i enjoyed the retail therapy! and the quality time of course! my mom and dad watched the girls for us, they always have fun doing that.

we also got these two lovely 'head pieces' this weekend... haha... they are so funny!

we like to joke around in our house. i can also safely say they will have no shortage of clothes until 2012! we like to plan ahead! but with twins you cant be too prepared.
only 47 days until april 1st! then it is SAFER to take them out. RSV season always lasts a bit longer in Iowa unfortunatley. so we will still be a bit guarded. but come may, look out! haha.
also for you moms out there, if you sign up for amazon mom you get 15% off, also you can off subscribed items (you get a monthly shipment of things like diapers or wipes, which makes 30% off) with free 2 day shipping. I get 2 cases of 144 diapers which is 288 diapers for only 44 DOLLARS! Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers, Size 2, 144-Count reg price for ONE case is 32.75! and they come as often as i need. but regular shipments are once a month, so check it out(cancel anytime)! deal of the week tomorrow! thanks for tuning in! xoxo

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