Sunday, February 27, 2011

our busy weekend!

We have finally decided to do the girls room as we have also decided to stay with my parents for a long while. This is the wall color (kinda bright but cute!)

Then where the window is (where the awful sponge paint ick is) will be this paper:
SOOOO Royal! and then there will be a a border all around the top:
It will still be a moons and stars theme, but with a princess twist. I am hoping it will grow with them. We also got all their hanging stuff up. The wall paper wont be here for a week or so, so more pics to come!!!

ALSO this week we have been introducing meats AND third foods! this is how spaghetti nite turned out!

But they LOVED it! They are always trying to get at our plates and eat our food! we have gave in sometimes and let them have a few things here and there. I am still getting ready for their birthday and their pictures are coming up in TWO weeks. I am getting so excited! i was very sad when i didnt get any maternity pics or newborn pics, being as they were born so early. but now we will get to show off their beautiful pictures! they are SO AMAZING. we will be using some of the same toys and animals they had then so you can see just how tiny they were. i dont think anyone will ever understand how much they have been through. i can say it and try to explain it, but it is an actual miracle. i am very blessed. thanks for tuning in! make sure to check out the deal of the week! xoxo

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