Monday, March 7, 2011

its been tooooo long.

So it has been WAY to long in between posts! BUT we had a doctor visit for the girls this week. They are doing GREAT! Breadon is weighing in at 17 pounds!!! HUGE! and Brienna is at 16 pounds! considering she doesn't eat near as much she is doing great! haha. That was our Monday. Then Zach left for 4 days (which left me little time for blogging, let alone sleep!). He came home on Thursday and then left again Friday to go to his LAST reserve drill. I know he is sad to leave his friends, but i think we are both happy he doesn't have to leave every month anymore.
Also our wall paper came in for the girls room! mom helped me and zach put it up tonight and it looks awesome so far! here is a sneak peek:

We still have some pictures to hang and some more border to put up but it is REALLY coming together! Also the girls have been taking naps and sleeping in their cribs! for as well as they have been doing you think they would have always slept in them! Breadon is struggling a bit here and there but we think it has to do with her neck and the tilt she has, so hopefully it will get better with time. hmmm what else?
I had the most ODD errand list today! It went like this:

1) go pick up zach from the tire place
2) Go to Pet Kingdom and see what kind of light bulbs we needed
3) Go to courthouse to get handicapped sticker for the girls
4) Go to hyvee and get gas
5) Go into hyvee to talk to someone in the bakery (they were all gone!)
6) Go back to the house and get the girls party dresses to be pressed
7) Go to Walmart to get bulbs and stuff for wall paper (ended up with No wallpaper stuff (forgot), a ton of baby food and found out light bulbs were cheaper at True Value, SHOCKING)
8) Go to farvers and get bulbs (which are on sale! and we still forgot wallpaper stuff)
9) Drop the girls dresses off
10) take zach to pick up his truck
11) go to the store to put in bulbs
12) get home and realize we forgot the wallpaper stuff, send zach back out... and somewhere else in there had to go back to hyvee for stuff for dinner

and all of this completed in about 3 hours LOL. Nowadays I am efficient with my time i guess. Whatever works... now only imagine if i had the girls with me! ha! Well off to bed!

PS. someone STOLE our paper, so deal of the week will be tomorrow probably! :) xoxo

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