Thursday, February 3, 2011

things we do for the bees :)

so tonite i was on a mission to find a craft project for myself and my mom. i had a few ideas and decided on one, for now. we have decided to recover and paint old chairs, ottomans and footstools and sell them... to who i dont know, more info and pics coming on that! i am recovering them with, you will never believe it haha, but old dresses and suits i find at goodwill and salvation army! that was my awesome idea. tonite at goodwill we found 3 chairs so we got them all for about 20 dollars, and i found some super sweet 2 piece suits, a prom dress and a jumper. i got some batting and cut it up and put the fabric on. i am really excited to paint the chairs and post pics. tomorrow i will have to post some pics of the pads... fun!
after that we went to wally world. we ended up going to the clearance section which is always bad news, i always buy more than i should, but when it comes to good deals i am all about saving money... other day i went to walgreens and saved over 100 dollars couponing alone! i know amazing... haha. anyway, we found a kitchen for the girls for next christmas. it was regularly 79 dollars but we got it for 20! AND its ages 2 and up which will be perfect for them next year! i am so excited! the problem was we had already JAM PACKED the car from our trip to goodwill, so much so that one if the chairs legs was hanging out the window! needless to say the kitchen would NOT fit. (oh and THANK YOU jenn for the doll!) so this was the solution... slip zach in the passenger seat and SHOVE the kitchen in on his lap...
it worked! barely... i couldnt see out of any windows except the windshield but hey it worked!
And on a sweet note, zach went out in the pure untouched snow today to write this little message to his girls:
we call them the bees at our house, so this is super super sweet. such a good daddy! xoxo

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