Monday, March 28, 2011

amazing strides!

We had another amazing weekend! First though, here are a couple fun pics from this morning! Don't mind the toys and clothes scattered about! Since Brienna has become COMPLETELY mobile, she gets into EVERYTHING! haha! This morning she was bonding with sissy. LOL

Yesterday (Sunday) we took a HUGE step and took the girls to Red Lobster for their sudo birthday! They were the most well behaved kids in the whole place! I was a little worried because they have never really been anywhere but they were more interested in their surroundings than anything else. And just like everyone else they LOVED the cheddar bay biscuits!!! LOL. Their little heads barely cleared the table in the high chairs but they had a really fun time anyway! Here we are on the way to Red Lobster!
Here is another picture of us at the restaurant! It is so much fun to actually take them somewhere and everyone say how cute they are. They don't even know how much they had to go thru to get here!

Another development in the Oliphant house is that my mom and I have started a side business! Exciting right?! We are making diaper cakes and baby gift items! We will be opening a small booth in the new Market on 2nd in the Newton square. I will be posting to a blog about that as well here soon. I haven't gotten any real pictures of the cakes but here is ONE picture just to give an idea of what is to come.

It is for fun but hopefully will do well! We are also making gift baskets, and mom and dad overnight bags. we will also have diaper bags and some baby clothes too! You will def have to come check us out when the Market on 2nd opens soon!
I cannot believe the girls birthday is Friday! I cannot! I am excited, I never thought we would get here. Those times in the hospital, even though the staff was amazing, it seemed like it would never end, that we would be there forever. In the beginning everyday was a blessing. Everyday was also a gamble. I am reminded everyday how blessed we are that they are here and thriving. I cannot tell you how many times I am reminded. I continue to keep other parents and families in our prayers that are going through what we have. To try SO hard to even have a child, to be blessed with two and then just the thought of losing one of them or both of them... I have been there, and I would never put that on anyone. Luckily our girls are fighters. And we could have NEVER done it without all of your prayers and well wishes. This week will come with emotions that's for sure! I hope you all continue to keep up with us! xoxo

PS. Also please pray for some friends of ours whose little girl is in the hospital (she is a twin too). She is going to have heart surgery sometime in the near future. Having been a mom of babies in the hospital I know what she is going thru and all prayers are welcome! Thanks!

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