Sunday, April 10, 2011

we really are busy bees!

I feel like I should post more often, as so much has happened! but with one mobile baby, I am always busy chasing her around and by the end of the day I am ready for BED! Breadon is still waking up a few times a nite in need of her pacifier, but other than that it is smooth sailing in the crib department!
I really need to get pics up of their room! It is ALL done! So cute! I will get on top of that!
Abeille Baby is doing good! If you haven't already, search on facebook and LIKE the page!!! I am in the beginnings of a blog for Abeille and still working on uploading pictures and getting that started, COMING SOON!
Zach has been busy with work, but was able to take a few days off for the girls FIRST BIRTHDAY! It was a good time! I can't believe it has been a year! Here are some highlights from that day!

They did very well! Better than I thought, but they are always doing that to me!!! haha! On Sunday it was so nice we put them in their little bumble bee pool they got. We did that again this Sunday! Here is a picture of them enjoying that!

SOOOO adorable! I hope the weather stays somewhat nice!
Other than that, we just ask for some prayers for tomorrow! Brienna is going back tot he cardiologist to see if she will need surgery. We prayer the answer is NO! Thanks for tuning in, and I promise I will update more often!

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