Monday, April 18, 2011

*Shots and TWINS*

This blog entry is for a special request! :) What the Oliphants do when the girls are getting their shots!

We always make sure the girls are fed before we go anywhere! We try to change their schedule around their appointments. Makes it easier on everyone.

I always have someone to help me. Zach, my mom, a friend. Appointments with shots stink and the babies really want mommy to comfort them, plus all their stuff, your stuff, getting undressed and dressed, being able to listen to the doctor and ask questions and keep your mind right! Sometimes I have had 3 people. One to hold stuff and one person each to hold and dress babies! LOL, seems like an entourage but it makes it SO MUCH LESS STRESSFUL!!!

We make our shot appointments for the EARLY morning (730), for 2 reasons. ONE: We don't have to wait! When you make an appointment for the afternoon the doctor is usually running late, and with twins you are never sure if they will both be in a good mood or not. We have had to wait up to 2 hours before! TWO: Is so that there are less sick people there, and usually one or 2 docs early that day, so alot less people in the lobby.

When they were little we always brought their car seats in so they had somewhere to sit and sleep if they wanted. Was a pain but not a big deal. Now that they are bigger it really takes 2 of us to wrangle them.

The nurses and doctor so most of the hard work (haha) they do ask for you to help hold them down and comfort them while its happening. But then they usually cry for 1-5 min and its done! Again, having extra hands their helps. Usually Zach and I comfort someone, but sometimes they just want mommy. Then we dress them and go. And whats nice is by the time you get home they nap and usually have forgotten by the time they wake up!

Depending on their age is how much Tylenol we give. In the beginning we did 24 hours of Tylenol, but now maybe one or two doses and we are done.

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