Thursday, April 14, 2011


We have a new arrival! His name is Chuck! He is a mini bull terrier. He is hilarious! You can see photos of him on my Moms facebook. Blogger and I are NOT getting along with me putting his picture on here!

We went to Briennas cardiology appointment. She will get checked again in 1 year, at the age of 2, but as for now, she will NOT be having surgery! YAY! Thank you for the prayers on that. They also said that her having the fibrous tissue was very rare and they don't see it alot but they still think it shouldn't be an issue. We will know if it is! They both have follow up eye appointments on Tuesday. That is mainly to check for lazy eyes, and I am pretty sure we dont have any of those!

Zachs birthday is coming on the 28th this month. We are all going out to Olive Garden for that. Should be fun! I already got his gift and it is wrapped! He had should be coming home for easter.

Alot coming up in the next few weeks! Can't wait!

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