Tuesday, May 3, 2011

get in shape lose some weight!

SOOO I am kinda tired of being huge. SOOO Zach and I have decided to go on a diet. My bf Tina is on the Medifast diet and so Emily and I have decided to go on our own version of the medifast diet. We went shopping yesterday and it actually didn't cost as much as I had originally thought. Eating healthy isn't that expensive if you buy the right things! I hope it works!
What else is going on? Chad graduates officers school next week so that is exciting! He has been gone since January. The girls miss him very much and can't wait until he comes home!
Last Friday night was ladies night and we went to BINGO! AND I WON!!! 20 bucks! Which is about what I spent. We had a really great time and I cannot wait to go again. I love my friends and I especially love that we all get along and are there for each other.
Zach has a new work schedule and it has been good so far. Anything that gives him the chance to stay home more is good!
Breadon and Brienna had an amazing second easter! Seeing as how their first easter was no walk in the park! They played with toys and went to eat!

Shortly after that they BOTH got colds/allergies. Except for Breadons stay in the hospital we have never had colds or sickness. It was a new expeirence for mom and dad but we go through it and they are doing better now. Downside is... I GOT IT! I am doing much better now!
I have also decided to take the girls to a sitter on Fridays for a few hours. I want them to learn how to be without mommy and daddy and gramma. I don't want them to have too much seperation anxiety and I also want them to play with some other children and babies. As of right now she doesnt have any other kids on Fridays but I think its good for the girls to get some sort of routine outing once a week. I am excited for them to try something new! Some people might not agree but they haven't had to go through what we have went through. Sometimes I find myself worrying over what other parents do, and people actually have put me down in the past, whether they know it or not. I have learned to look past that. What is good for them is good for them and vice versa. To each his own! Well thats all for now! xoxo

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