Friday, July 15, 2011

I think it has as been long enough...

It has been too long since I blogged. Alot of things have happened since my last post. Lets recap for those of you who don't know... First, and the foremost reason I haven't been blogging... my Dad passed away on our trip to see Chad (my brother), for his graduation from officers school. I don't know why that has kept me from blogging, it has kept me from alot of things.
 I don't know what the hardest part of that has been so far. I think the hardest part for me, is my girls growing up without their Grandpa... My dad. All the stories he had as a child, his army stories... They will miss all the advice he had to give them, all the tricks of the trades he knew. My dad knew everything, if I ever had a question I would call my dad and he would have the answer. Even after 2 heart attacks and a stroke he was still mostly all him, an even better him actually. More gentle and sweet. Up until this very moment it had never seemed real... I had been imagining that he was around, just not here in this room, or this house. Maybe that is why I have avoided writing it down, in black and white, makes it real. More real anyway.
Seeing him go down so fast, in an instant... its not fair, I hope he heard me when I told him I loved him a thousand times that day, I am sure he did, and if he didn't I know he can hear me now. I am thankful I had such a great Dad. I am happy to know he is heaven with his my Nana BOTH of my Grandfathers and my Aunt Annette and the others that went before him. I am also glad we have been living here the past months, so he could have that time with the girls... The Lord works in mysterious ways. I love you Dad. We all miss you.
After Dad passed we have had to make some changes, we have moved Pet Kingdom to a new location. I am hoping this will help us stay open.
One of my best friends gave birth to my BEAUTIFUL niece number 2! :) I am so happy for her and her family.
If one thing came from Dad passing it was making me realize who was important in my life... even  more so than when the girls were born. I think it also helped people who we hadn't seen in a while, realize how precious and sweet life is... All I can say is don't waste it, make every moment count. I know everyone says that but I don't think people realize it until you lose someone, especially so quickly...
The girls have gotten so big, Brienna is walking. Breadon is crawling EVERYWHERE! They are both so different but they do alot of things the same. They are using sippy cups (sometimes), drinking from straws, giving kisses and so much more! I am so proud that they have come so far. No one will EVER realize what they had to go through, just to be here, in this world. To be in our lives, they truly are miracles. They amaze me everyday. I catch myself staring at them, watching them do all their little things and being amazed, to think a little over a year ago we weren't sure if they would do anything at all... You are always scared for your children, I have become a hypochondriac about it! But they have exceeded my expectations every time. I think they wait for me to get worried about something and then like magic, they do it :)
What else?! I got a pool from my amazing husband and it is awesome!
We went to Kansas City to see Zachs family for 5 days, it was a really great time. I am hoping we can get down there more often. We went to a children's museum, T-Rex Cafe, shopping, dinner and everywhere. The girls had a great time. So did we :)
We are having garage sale number 2 next weekend... ALOT more stuff to get rid of. We are also going to Branson the 2nd week in August, I am excited for that. I have never been. We are going with Zachs family. At the end of August we are leaving the girls with my Mom and Tina and going camping with some of our best friends. And I need to interject here about leaving the girls... I don't understand the guilt trips people have to lay on me for going somewhere and leaving my kids with totally capable people. It HURTS when people say things about that. I don't need anymore self doubt about being a good parent. People leave their kids with strangers all the time when they go to work and what not. So YES I leave my kids. And guess what?  ITS TOTALLY FINE. That has been bothering me for a long time. Anyway, enough about that. :) I will begin blogging again, more often. I will continue all my series as well! Here are some photos from the missing gap of time and some old ones I had found :)

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