Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One crazy summer!

We have had the busiest summer ever this year! Weddings, garage sales, camping, appointments, and much more! This weekend we are having another garage sale, so come out and see us! Next weekend, we will FINALLY have a weekend off, with NO plans! Then its back the 'grind'. LOL!
We are going to Branson in August with Zachs family. We are getting excited for that. Also the last weekend in August we are going camping with our friends. August will be busy too!
The girls have been enjoying the pool almost everyday!
We had to drain it today because it needed it, with all the hot weather it got too murky. Even tho I have been vacuuming it and treating it. Totally new for me!
So farm the new store has been going well! People are finding us, and we have a phone and fax line again! So we are deffinately official.
By the way, who REALLY knew that twins would produce so much laundry?! And require so many articles of clothing?! Luckily laundry detergent has been on sale lately!
Well this is just a quick update! More to come!

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