Saturday, July 23, 2011


So, I threw my mom a surprise birthday party! She was TOTALLY surprised! We had alot of friends come and we all had a great time. It was the big 50. We really appreciate everyone who took the time and came!
Here is a picture of the cake. It was amazing!

The pool saga continues. We got it drained and cleaned and refilled, and moved... Now I am TRYING to master the whole balance thing. So far I have been defeated. I have rebalanced and retested and everything, so far no luck. I will keep trying, not that it matters because it is raining today.
At this moment I am sitting at our garage sale, which is going well despite the weather. It could be worse. We will be here today and tomorrow so stop by! 1003 E 17th ST S in Newton. LOTS of stuff still needs to go. Whatever we don't sell we will donate to the church or the various thrift stores in town.
I forgot to mention! We went to see one of my favorite comedians for my birthday. Steve Byrne! He picked on me a bit but other than that it was good!

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