Sunday, February 26, 2012

Really, I should post more often! :)

I always mean to post things more often but with starting the new studio and taking care of TWO 2 year olds, I am sitting on the couch as much as possible!
Where to begin... well how about me to start? I have opened my new studio and so far so good! I have been having a pretty great client list to start and so far everything has been going according to plan, although by saying that I am sure now something will go wrong haha. I opened February 1st and have had appointments every week! I cannot wait to get outside again! February was a hard month as it would have been my Dads 75th birthday, I hold him in my heart everyday, and I STILL haven't totally dealt with the fact that he is gone. I know he is watching the girls and us as we all grow and change and that brings some comfort.
Zach has been working and going out of town alot, it his about to be his busy season but we have enjoyed him being home. His company was bought out recently and the changes are just now hitting us in more than one place but change can be good so we are trying to focus on that. He is all done with his citizen officer class and had a great time doing it. He is hitting the gym more frequently and he loves it.
Breadon is growing and changing everyday. She is pointing out things in books when we ask where something is. She is very observant yet quiet. She isn't talking much yet but they are assuring us that this is normal and we wouldn't think anything of it if we just had one child. I am a natural worrier but have tried VERY hard to not worry so much these days. Breadon has always done everything in her own time and I guess I just need to be more patient with her. Hmmm, not worrying AND patience, what is this kid doing to me?! haha! She is walking and running, eating, picking up things, throwing things away... she is ALWAYS on diaper patrol, if Mom or Dad don't put the diaper in the pail right away she is there shoving it in the pail. She is so smart... She has a TON of hair and a TON of personality. My favorite thing is, when I get her out of the crib in the mornings, on occasion i get a GIANT kiss and a hug... she rests her little head on my shoulder and lets out a big sigh. Love it.

 Brienna is everywhere, in everything, and repeating everything. She is SUCH a talker, she repeats everything, so we and the tv have had to change our selections! haha. She is saying small sentences and really learning what things mean what. She has little conversations with people now and its the most adorable thing. "Whats that?" "Whats up?" "What you doing?" Some of her favorite phrases. She is a lover... always wanting to be with Mommy and Daddy. She is now says "OK" or "I don't know" when we ask things. Its amazing. SO amazing. She always trys to comfort her sister when she cries and on occasion will even share with her. My favorite thing with Brienna is that when she gets really mad or hurt feelings that she comes to me and cry talks with her head on my shoulder... I don't know what she is saying but it is heartfelt and it helps her work it out.
They are becoming little buddies more and more, they chase each other and play some. They don't really talk to each other but Brienna talks at Breadon. They aren't traditional twins in any way. They haven't really interacted alot but the Doctors assure me its normal. They need to focus on themselves by growing and learning, all of the other stuff will come later. I know I say it EVERY blog, and I am sure people will get sick of hearing it, but they are amazing miracles... I still am in awe when I look at them. To remember where they came from and where they are now! GOSH! They are SO special, and someday when they read this I want them to know how amazing they are! They defied the odds in so many ways.
My brother in law got engaged and we are so happy for them! We will be going to Kansas City in a few weeks for Grandma Lynns birthday. March marks a huge step for our family. No more being locked up! Home free... FINALLY! Does that mean I will ever stop worrying... no... not at all, but it will be nice to finally go out as a family, even take them myself. That in itself is a crazy thought to me. Being 'normal'... Though there is no 'normal', the past few years have been ANYTHING but normal. As I am typing this the girls are playing in their new tent... they are having a blast and its cracking me up. Thanks for tuning in! XOXO

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