Monday, September 10, 2012

PIZZA PIZZA and other things :)

A few nights ago I made pizza, with real dough. I know, lately I have been on a kick about making everything, and sometimes its hit or miss. Any way, I made the dough and while it was resting I thought how much fun it would be to let the girls make their own little pizzas! SO we did, and here are the pictures:

At first they would only put ONE sliver of cheese on at a time... this was not going as fast as I had planned :)
Then they started to get the hang of it!

Don't mind all of my ridiculous faces, I didnt want to be on camera but it happens!
While we waited for the pizzas we unloaded the dish washer (it is by far, their favorite thing to do!)

Then they enjoyed all of their hard work!

It was alot of fun. They are fun kids. I wouldn't trade a day with them for anything else. This last photo is a random from the other day. When things are tough, which they often are, I remember whats important in life. As much as I want to concern myself with the outside world and everything in it, what goes on inside my home is the most important and most rewarding. Thanks for tuning in! I have some more fun posts coming up soon! XOXO

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