Friday, September 21, 2012

Adventures in the life... of the girls

I am a parent that lets my kids watch TV, sometimes I think its too much and I go on this crusade about making sure all the TVs are off or that we play (I mean we play anyway) lots of pretend stuff together, but sometimes we all need a minute, to catch up, or load a dishwasher without constant unloading while loading. Sometimes they get over stimulated and need to go veg for a minute. This first picture is of Breadon enjoying that TV time... maybe a little too much. They have certain shows that they LOVE, Doc McStuffins, Higgleytown Hero's... Brienna sings the songs to the shows, about 60% right! Not that they watch them over and over but she has this knack for hearing things a few times and repeating them. It's pretty cool.
This next picture was taken that same day, when Grandma Sharon came to visit. Brienna put on Grandmas sunglasses, and shoes, took her phone and keys, told us bye and walked out of the room like she was going somewhere. She loves to play pretend games, she has conversations with her toys, cooks and feeds dad and I all kinds of play food, talks on the phone to no one and she loves to make her toys walk up and down steps... don't ask, but she likes it even more when the "have an accident" and fall... I wonder what that means? :)

The next four pictures are us at Burger King in Altoona on our way to our NICU follow up.
At the follow up we got good news and bad news. To start the Audiologist called us and told us that he couldn't be 100% sure but that he was pretty sure Breadon has some sort of hearing loss, we know she can hear, but it could explain why her speech is so behind and why her enunciation is off. She leaves the ends off of words and doesn't repeat 2 syllable words very well... Every time I talk about it, I get upset, I cry, and not because its the end of the world, it's not... but because since they were born they always told us all of the things that could happen to them and as of yet we really had nothing, no complaints... I have my worries but it is somewhat of a relief just to know.
They will do a test at Methodist Hospital where they sedate her and send sounds into her ears, much like they did at the NICU and see what her brain activity is. That will show us what the degree of hearing loss is. I think the hardest thing for me is having twins and watching one struggle... But its nothing that can't be fixed.
At the follow-up they both did really well, they are both still behind some, she told us that when babies are born as early as them that it could take them up to 4 to be totally caught up, so she thinks that both of them will take that long and we still need to think of them in their corrected age for awhile.
Also she wants Breadon to see a speech therapist and to teach her some sign language as well, to help her communicate more. Hopefully this will help with some of her frustrations.
They started dance class this week, they did okay... they are still young and don't get out of the house much, let alone, around other kids so it was VERY new for them. But we are going to stick it out and go again, they had fun I think :)
I will have pictures up of that sometime next week.
Anyway, that's whats going on in this house. Thanks for tuning in!!! :)  

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