Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why I don't enjoy Facebook anymore...

     Hefty title right? I have been editing for like 3 straight weeks and need a break from it every once in a while... So for the first topic, Facebook! :) How fitting for me to write this today after the election, my it's been scary on Facebook today from the little I have heard about and seen. There has BEEN a lot of craziness on Facebook, with the election, the weather, gas prices, things in the news and the regular, "I just went pee" updates :) I read a lot of blogs, and I always feel like in one way or another someone is always putting me down, not always intentionally. They are writing about how they don't let their kids watch TV, they are a hands free parent, how they are voting this way and why I should, and if I don't I am an idiot, that people in Iowa are rednecks and uneducated (yes, yes that happened), their parenting style and how much better it is, how what they choose for themselves in any case, is better for them and everyone else... the list could go on and on and on, so I really don't want this blog post to read that way to anyone!
     I, personally, was finding myself angry, disliking people that I normally got along with, being jealous, being annoyed and frustrated, feeling like everyone's life was this perfect bubble and mine was boring or that I was wrong for thinking what I think or believing what I believe, I get enough of that in real life, I don't need it online too. Or like I was having to constantly keep up with everyone, being in the middle of everything, putting people down, or saying things that I normally wouldn't, or saying things in the heat of the moment and not being able to take them back. I found myself saying things to people or about things that I would normally keep to myself or never say in public... I didn't like that feeling, that something could control me or others could influence me so much, or that I would even allow it. That I could get that wrapped up in others lives, or that I even WANTED to! So I took a lot of things and people out of my news feed, nothing personal, just needed to be done, I didn't want to fuel that fire. I only really use Facebook for business and occasionally comment or like others things, but rarely. I don't post pictures or update my status, if people really want to know what is going on with me and my family they will take the time to read my blog, call, write or message me, like the "good old days". Facebook is not a main stream of connecting FOR ME, I am not saying it isn't great for everyone else, I love seeing people I wouldn't normally see, but all the drama and hate that comes with it, is not for me. I was brought up old school, but my dad who was born into a time when having a TV wasn't a normal thing. I will say that it is an amazing business tool, and that's really the reason I have kept it. I get to connect with people and share my work and that is awesome!

     Now people are thinking, "it's just the internet, get over it" "it's not that big of deal", because I have heard it! Its more than that to me, in society everyone is faceless and nameless on the internet (even with FACEbook). When we see things on the screen we don't always realize there is a real person there, and while its seems all fun and games, it isn't always. I want to remain friends with people that think differently than me, like in the "good old days" where it was rude to call people names openly, make fun of their religion, and politics was only talked about in close knit groups... I guess I am a little old fashioned. I hope this hasn't made anyone disrespect me or that I think I am better in some way, it isn't made to be that way. If anything I hope it helps someone who is struggling with the same issues, I know that people like me, are out there :)

So all in all, Facebook is awesome for certain things, there are ways to customize your Facebook to keep things out of your feed, feel free to email me or message me if you want to know how! :)  I don't want to give it up totally but I want to feel like it doesn't control my life, or that I am checking it 500 times a day... I read the other day that the average person checks their phone over 400 times a day, that is CRAZY to me! :) As much as I love to stay connected I don't need to be THAT connected... it has proven to be to much for me! I am a strong person but I am also emotional and do take to heart what others say, whether it was meant for me or not. I think the one thing to remember is, you can't say something broad that hits a lot of people and then go back and say, oh that's not meant to be about you.... because if it has anything to do with that person it IS about them. Whether someone meant it to or not... and that's where I am right now. 

Thanks for reading my little stress reliever.

I am planning that every Sunday, I will write my thankfuls for the week! SO stay tuned for that! :)

Thanks for tuning in! XOXO

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