Friday, May 24, 2013

Shaving cream paint!


They still talk about it!

Everything can be purchased from the dollar store unless you already have it on hand!
And don't mind the cell phone pics :)

Popsicle sticks (optional, I used them to "mix the paint")
Food coloring
Cheap foaming shaving cream (no gel or liquid)
Muffin tin
Old paint brushes

Everything but the food coloring was from the dollar store :) The shaving cream even smelled great!

I added a few drops of color and stirred it in!

I just added more coloring to make them brighter :)

If I HAD to suggest a change, it would be to not let them get the brushes wet. It kept causing the cream to expand and turn back white, but it still worked anyway and they had a blast! Also, I had read in a few different blogs that this can stain grout. Our upstairs shower is actually a tub that we "enclosed" with shower curtain liners and a fancy claw foot tub surround thing so they got to paint on the shower curtain and I rinsed it off, no stains, no worries! If you do think this activity or others with food coloring are going to stain something, buy a tension rod and a cheap 2 dollar liner and hang that when you are "painting" or doing any other bath activities! :) It can be rinsed and dried and put away for other uses!

Definately something we will be doing again! They had a blast!

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