Friday, February 4, 2011


so this is the start of my new chair project! the first chair is stark white (still drying):
with this HOT pink cushion on it. the fabric was from an old 2 piece womans suite. very eightiesesk.
i was thinking a dressing table chair or a desk chair. very cute!
this chair is done, just needs screwed down! i got the fabric from an old jumper. it is a deep green with those cute little stitched flowers. and on each flower is a diamond gem. I had originally thought I would do a couple coats of paint but the chair started out SO dark and when i started to paint it just looked so cool with some of the dark wood coming through i just left it. very neat! would make a great entryway chair or desk chair.
i heard that there was a consignment shop coming to newton, so i am hoping maybe i could get some more stuff put together to sell and get a booth! OR if anyone is interested in anything i post let me know!

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