Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Being Thankful

Lately I am thinking I do have ALOT to be thankful for, BUT (you knew that was coming) what I don't like is that since I have had things happen to me, good things, that I am never allowed to be mad or sad. Doesn't everyone just want to be mad or sad sometimes. Just becuase good things have happened to me doesn't make all the wrong things just go away.
I feel lately I can't catch a break, seems like with every good thing that comes along, a bad thing or two has to come with it! This past 18 months has had some moments. Great, good, bad and horrible... And part of me thinks it just can't be normal! In the past 18 months we have had a stroke, preemies, money issues, tax issues, heart issues, head issues, death, hospitalizations and infections all in ONE family, thats doesn't even include my friends, who I consider my family. Just seems like its all too much sometimes. Depressing. Hopefully this streak will soon be over! So in short, I am really trying not to forget what to be thankful for, just had to get it out there!
On a lighter note! We have found a nanny and she will start next week part time. She is wonderful and has plenty of expierence!
We are also seeing the doctor at the end of the month for the girls 18 mo check up and to see what we want to do about having another baby in the future. Make sure I am all good to go. It is a very scary thought so we really have to sit down and talk with a few doctors to get a plan going. I am not going into this ill prepared!
And I am just putting this out there but if anyone wants family photos before winter gets here, please let me know, I am wanting to do some outdoor photos for a portfolio! AND I also want to get into some party planningish type stuff. I just need a part time something to get a bit of income and I think I am pretty good at it! I am going to get together a portfolio for that too!
Thanks for tuning in! XOXO

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