Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Living the "normal" life!

We will be busy this next week! Friday the girls get shots :( and I should have my last tattoo appointment. Saturday one of my besties Emily and her mom and mother in law are coming to get the last of the baby shower stuff together, and Sunday is the big day! It should be alot of fun. Baby showers are fun, in fact I like planning parties all together! Next Wednesday is the Catos fashion show which I will  be in, wearing a beautiful outfit my new friend Nicole picked out for me! All in all I am looking forward to it. Its nice to be a part of society again.
I am continuing to be concerned about what our future holds financially! Soon I will have to think about doing something to keep the family afloat. I REALLY want to pursue photography as it is one of my passions, but at the same time I need more practice and I am worried about what certain people will say, usually I don't feel this way, but in the past people have put me down for it. Either way, I would like to put it out there that if anyone is interested please let me know!
Thats all for tonight! Hope all is well in your world! XOXO

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