Thursday, December 15, 2011

I am horrible at this sometimes!

So I have been putting off blogging for too long! I need to get back in the swing. Now that we are banished to the indoors, things always seem like they slow down, but I have actually been so busy lately!Where to start, well lets start with Zach!

Zach: He has been busy getting things done at our house, our old house and the store. His busy season is about to start so we will start seeing less of him after the holidays BUT I have to say I have been enjoying his new schedule and he is only out of town once or twice a month. His company was just bought out by another company, but so far there haven't been many changes, except for insurance so we will see how that goes! He is working out and getting in shape like the rest of us are trying to do. He is an amazing man and I thank everyday I have him in my life! :)

Audrey (Me): I have been busy! I decided I needed to start doing something that I love, I had been toying with the idea for years, but never had the confidence in myself to start. Last month I decided to start a photography business and so far it has been going really well! Big news! I am more than likely opening a studio by February 1st!! Woo hoo!!! I need something to keep me busy in the winter, so that's what I am hoping to accomplish in the new year! I have also been getting out of the house this holiday season, it has been busy. But I am looking forward to it slowing down in my personal life. I have also been coming to alot of realizations in my life, most of them sad, but its all a part of growing up and maturing. I know I am not the nicest person on the planet but these days I am shocked at what 'friends' and 'family' say to each other. That's all I am going to say about that!

The ladies: They are doing amazing! They just passed their 18 month evaluation and by 2 they should be caught up! They are talking and walking and getting into things! Shocker right?! After Christmas we will be celebrating their second birthday on April 1st... Who knew I would have 2 two year olds. Especially ones that are so funny, smart and cute! I can't wait to get them in dance next fall, at least tumbling. Brienna is a danceaholic and will pretty much dance to anything that sounds even a little bit like music. Breadon is the happy go lucky, anything goes type of gal. She really never lets things get to her or bother her. They are both turning into their own little people. They don't chit chat like a lot of twins, and they don't play together alot either,  but its to be expected with their rough start. Its just different. Not the typical I guess. But they do kiss and tease each other so I am sure they are getting there!

Other than that we are all doing well! We are getting ready for Christmas like everyone else. We are excited for them to actually want to open gifts and get excited! They don't understand the concept of Christmas or it being about Jesus, but we will teach them. I believe that all of that knowledge starts with us as parents and that's what we will instill in our children. I hope everyone is doing well and thanks for reading up on us!

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