Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's almost here!!! :)

Seriously, the time is FLYING! Things are slowing down at AOP and I am kinda happy :) Much needed family time! :) Here are some pictures of what it looks like around here these days!

My AWESOME snow man I got from The Farmers Wife!

My LOVELY smelling REAL greens :)

One of my awesome signs!
And our SUPER traditional Christmas tree!
We also have a sweet Noah's Ark advent calendar that we do every night, but it is in a really dark spot so I didn't get a picture of it.
I am in love with traditional, old school 80's, Christmas tree decorating. I am oober traditional when it comes to Christmas trees :) Maybe some year I will branch out. I decorate everything with snowmen. LOVE them!
 I guess I am super eclectic when it comes to decorating of any kind, if I like it, I like it and so I buy it, or do it, no matter what the decorating style.
Back to the tree! We use old and new ornaments, ones we have made, bought or glued back together 100 times. I love seeing certain ornaments and reliving the memories that go with them. I am SO excited for Christmas this year. :)
Thanks for tuning in!

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